I started painting tiny paintings as a way of capturing amazing photos of incredible moments my friends and family were posting on their Instagram feeds.
But it’s become about so much more than that.
One evening, over a bottle of red wine and a phone call with a good friend – this thing that was just a side gig, grew a pair of legs.
The conversation went something like this:
“I’m painting that photo you posted of the mountain range. But it’s one of those miniatures.”
“No ways, that’s so awesome, send me a pic.”
“Ok, incoming. It’s not done yet.”
“Jeepers, that is so tiny and detailed. What size is that?”
“So, it fits in my palm. I weighed it for shits and giggles. It weighs 19 grams! (haha)”
“Soon I’ll have a whole gallery of 19 gram paintings.
That was when penny dropped. I got such a kick out of the fact that I was adding actual weight to something significant, but intangible. Someone’s significant. Someplace significant.
My hippie heart beats strong for nature. It dawned on me that all these moments my friends were Instagramming, of the times and places where they felt truly connected, where all moments in nature too. As much as we hungered for nature, we were losing touch with her in a very digital era. Something inside me began to spark and tingle when the connection and the many threads  wove into one.

19gramgallery is about making what’s digital real again. It’s about adding weight to our connection with nature. It’s about taking the time to put a large and meaningful memory, moment or experience into a tiny sacred space – something you can cradle in the palm of your hand.
19gramgallery is about creating small paintings of big things that matter.

Andrea Fedder is the artist behind 19gramgallery. Passionate about slow, back to basic living, she earns her keep as a freelance content and copywriter. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her partner, a cat, two golden retrievers and their growing collection of succulents and driftwood. 


19gramgallery came about from a desire to capture magical moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams. It's about  adding weight to that which really matters and being able to create in a tiny studio from anywhere in the world.

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